Games Apps in Comparison: Get the Top Games Apps to Redefine Your Mobile Gaming Experience

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This is the age of modern gaming technology where most players, be it hard-core gamers or amateurish gamers, love to try out new games and applications with hoards of fresh features and interesting power up features. Among the different top ranking gaming apps Grand Theft Auto III is a high performance addictive game with an interesting story that keeps you glued to your, mobile or laptop for hours to come.

Do you love racing around with your imagination? Then, Need for Speed Most Wanted is definitely the right game or you. This game is purely about enjoying the exhilarating thrill of relentless racing, super-fast cars and awesome graphics that are surely going to get your eyes popping out as you see your car flung up in air in an effort to surpass the other cars.

Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga and Temple Run are three games that have always attracted countless gamers of different ages over the years. These games have the smoothest of the gaming graphics that gives you the perfect 3D effect in your game. These games appeal to both the action gamers and strategy gamers as well. If you enjoying gambling games as you can also try Golden Riviera Casino‘s new casino app. The app can is available on both Android and Apple mobile phones/ tablets.

Additionally, the range of powerups, rewards and lifespan additions in these games add to the excitement of the game. The action gamers are surely going to love the Dark Knight Rises and the Resident Evil gaming versions where you get ample scope to bust some baddies and kill some zombies as well.

The brainy players are definitely going to love the Super Sudoku puzzle game. The game is comparatively easy to learn but you still have a tough time mastering it. Hill Climb Racing is fun filled game for the gamers who love new challenges with 3 different types of cars for 6 separate hills and what's more, there are ample scopes of using different tricks.

Drag Racing: Bike Edition is the game of ultimate chills and thrills with super-fast bikes and four separate modes. What's more, you can personalize the bikes and hone them as per their performance.

Love psychological games with a scary touch? Then try Dead Space. It will seriously send a chill down your spine! Be the Isaac fighting the heinous Necromorphs or browse through the leading app stores for the best mobile gaming apps for your android, Windows phone and IOS phones. These games are highly compatible with different mobile platforms.