The Best Free Games you can Play on Your Desktop

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If you want to get into gaming then all you really need is a PC. There are plenty of games out there these days that can be played for free. Even though free mobile games are becoming more prevalent, free desktop PC games offer an entirely different level of fun. The list of free games you can play on PC is pretty impressive, even if the quantity doesn’t match the free mobile game market. Here is a look at the best free games you can play on your desktop right now.


The original Defense of the Ancients was released in 2013, and it was a few years later when DOTA was released. Since the release of DOTA 2, it has become one of the very best online games in the world. It offers a perfect mixture of role-playing and real-time-strategy gaming. More players join DOTA each day, and all of them are left thrilled by the stunning gameplay.

League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular free online games in the world. It’s a battle game created by Riot Games. Players choose a character to play as and teams of five battle it out for supremacy. Even though it is a free game, League of Legends offers stunning gaming arenas and beautiful graphics and gameplay, setting it apart from the rest. There’s just one rule with the League of Legends; the Winner Takes it All.

PES My Club

When it comes to football games there are only two choices; FIFA and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer). PES is now available in a free to play format known as PES My Club. Players of the game enjoy myClub mode, an offline exhibition match, and training modes, along with other free to play content.


Robocraft is a rather unique game where players can use voxel blocks to create vehicles. The vehicles you make are then put in combat against each other. Players can add accessories to their vehicles such as wings, wheels, guns, armor, and other hardware until they have created the ultimate machine. There are plenty of games blocks, and weapons to be found in Robocraft, which delivers something different each time you play it.


Warframe is a free to play third-person shooter game. There’s a lot of customisation to be found in this fast-paced action game. The storyline of the game is a little lacking at times, but everything else about the game is appealing. Warframe is one of those games that delivers the thrilling experience of getting to shoot something and watch it die.

Marvel Heroes

Thanks to movies like Captain America, Spiderman, and Avengers, everyone has heard of Marvel and has their own favorite Marvel hero. Now players can enjoy Marvel Heroes; a fantastic free to play multiplayer game where you can play as all your favorite Marvel superheroes like Spiderman and Captain America. The story of the game is written by Brian Michael Bendis, and it features scenes and locations taken straight from actual Marvel comics; a must for Marvel fans.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these great games on your desktop today!

Virtua Cop for PC games lovers

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If you are a lover of PC games, then you should defiantly play Virtua Cop. The game of the Virtua Cop is one of the best games for people who love to play shooting games in the virtual world. The Virtua Cop game provides a lot of fun and excitement to players who love to play shooting games, and you can play it at any of the reputable sites online.

The best part of Virtua Cop PC game is that it has different stages and at every stage there is a mission to complete for the players. Thus, it is a content-rich game which has become a current rage among the game lovers.

The other benefit of playing this game is that it has some of the state-of-the art graphics. The people playing Virtua Cop can enjoy the loud noise of bullets, which only gives them a feel of the real world and gives them an experience of being a cop in the virtual world.

This game is mostly loved by children but is attracting eyeballs of adults as well due to its content-rich nature. If you love to play shooting games, then Virtua Cop is for you. and if you love to play games at the casino as well, you should also check out the casino which provide great online experience.

Daniel Negreanu Still is One of The Best

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Daniel is a Canadian pro poker player. he has won 4 WSOP bracelets and has two World Poker Tour Championship titles to his name. Daniel currently ranks second in the all-time career earnings list and is the star of the poker game show Million Dollar Challenge.

Daniel is an accomplished tournament and cash game player. He was named Favorite Poker Player at Card Player Magazine’s player of the year awards gala. According to Daniel, the most important skill that he employs while playing poker is his ability to read the opponents.

He also assesses the capability of the opponents playing the hands and hence capitalizes on reading the opponents mind and playing the game of poker.With the achievements so far in the world of poker, Daniel is an undisputed star all around the world. when he Play texas holdem, he gets an exclusive casino bonuses often, as his name draws many players to try their luck with the poker king.

Where to play video games?

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People who love to play video games often look for ways, which will help them to make the most out of the video games they play. One thing they do to make the most out of the video games is find various places where they can play video games.

If you are also one of those people who love to play video games and want to make the most out of the gaming experience, then it is advisable that you play the video games on the Internet. The main essence of playing video games on the Internet is that there are many games available on the Internet, which you can play free of cost.

The other benefit that comes with playing video games on the Internet is that you most of the sites that provide video games provide top class sound and quality, which only doubles the excitement that comes with playing vide games.

Therefore, don’t wait for long, if you love to video games, then it is advisable that you play video games on the Internet and make the most out of your gaming experience.

Latest known trends in PC games industry

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Due to the changing needs and demands of the game lovers, the gaming industry is experiencing a lot of trends in the recent past.

The video gaming industry is always on its and is innovating the different kinds of games to meet the demands of the game lovers. As the demands and needs of the gamers change with a blink of an eye, the gaming industry is being highly successful in creating the games as per the needs of the gamers.

The hard core games have become a recent trend in the gaming industry as the game lovers now like more of the hard core games. To meet this demand, the gaming industry is designing content-rich games and is employing the best technology that will help blend the content and graphics of the game.

Due to the a surge in the demand of the video games, the trends in the gaming industry are changing at lightning speed as more and more games are coming out of the gaming studios that have a perfect blend of both the content as well as graphics that appeal to the game lovers.